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Red Dirt Paranormal, also referred to as RDP, has been serving all of Oklahoma and its' surrounding states since the winter of our founding year. Our main objectives are to not only make sure that families are helped to feel safe but to try to help them understand the reasons behind the activity taking place in their home. Most if not all of our team members have had previous experiences with the paranormal and strive to find answers. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and experiences to provide an excellent service to our clients and our communities. As a team, we understand that in all honesty our clients may be scared and in a lot of cases worry that people will see them as being crazy due to a lack of understanding. Rest assured, we DO NOT think your are crazy nor do we consider your situation as anything less than serious. We provide the same attention to you and your situation as we would to any family member. We work closely with other paranormal teams and other experienced professional individuals in order to cover all aspects and possibilities involved. We refuse to conduct an investigation only to leave you with unanswered questioned even if it means returning on more than one occasion. Our goal is to provide answers to our clients not to build up our evidence folder for our personal benefit, YOU as a client are our primary focus and determine our success by the ending conclusion to your feeling of safety and comfort. So we have one question to ask you as you research our team in your search for answers.